Friday, October 23, 2009

Bottega Veneta Maxi Veneta Intrecciato

Mention Bottega Veneta and hand-woven leather springs to mind. It is most famous for its signature Intrecciato line of woven leather, And of course the lushest and most supple of leather. Almost all bags are luxuriously lined with suede leather.
The Veneta Intrecciato is one of BV's iconic bags. It is available in 4 sizes- Mini, S, L and Maxi. Maxi is not available in Singapore. It comes in BV's classic colors of Ebano(pictured above) and Nero (black). For Fall-Winter 2009/2010, it comes in shades of pink and lilac.
What draws me to this bag is its clean line and a complete lack of hardware, save the zipper. As with most of their bags, the designer probably wants their famous leather to do all the talking.
This bag would go well with almost anything you wear. Measuring 9.8x21.5x1.2inches, the Maxi Veneta Intrecciato is a huge bag. But the gravity of the stuffs you put inside will 'pull' the bag down and make it appear smaller. The result- a soft, slouchy look which is exactly what I love.

Image: Bagdonna

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