Saturday, October 17, 2009

Caring for my white leather bag- The Balenciaga Giant Part-Time

For many if us, white is the color of choice most of the time, whether it's a shirt, a car, a watch and yes, a bag. There is something ethereal about this color that is so appealing to the human eye. Unfortunately, most people would bypass it due to its high maintenance.
Balenciaga bags come in a mind-goggling array of colors. But I knew instantly white would be the unanimous choice to go perfectly well with this hardware- its other hardware is the original but that will be another story another day.
I store my white Balenciaga Giant Part-Time in acid-free tissue (available from art supply store) to preserve its whiteness. I also make sure it stays away from colored bags and dark colored clothings so colors don't transfer.
Disaster struck the first time I used it when the dye from my indigo blue jeans transfered to the bag and almost ruined my holiday. As the damage wasn't very extensive, I was able to 'restore' it to its original condtion with get COLUMBUS SHOE CLEANER, something I learnt from a SA working in a luxury boutique.
Get it from the shoe department of major dapartmental stores for $6.
As with any cleaner, always test it on a small area first.

Image: Bagdonna

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