Friday, October 16, 2009

Gotta Have it!- Prada Fairy Bag

This shot was taken off the window display of a Prada store in Milan. Yes. The country of origin for Prada.
The sky had turned dark, the shop closed and the lighting in the window display oh so dim. "The Fairy bag in pink?!" I rubbed my eyes to make sure they weren't playing tricks on me. I had seen the bag only in white on the internet, in magazines and in Paragon (a sample piece not for sale).
There was so much hype surrounding this bag that there was a waiting list for it. And here it is, in pink. Must be a rarity, I guess.
Bent on getting the bag (never mind that my card had almost reached its credit limit), I went back to the store first thing the next morning. "It's the ONLY one in Milan." The SA quipped. "Deal!" I replied.
Today, it is sitting pretty in my wardrobe. And it's pink. My favorite color.

Image: Bagdonna

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