Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First Love - Celine Bittersweet Bag

What better way to start this blog than by introducing my first love-the Celine Bittersweet bag. It is my first 'serious' bag. I've had many bags before but most were bought for brand's sake merely for elevating my status, or so I thought. All these changed after a chanced meeting with a bag reseller and the rest as they say is history. Today, I am a proud owner of a small collection of bags, all acquired through careful consideration. Now I pay attention to details like the bag's shape and size and its hardware, right down to the uniformity of the stitching which is testament to a brand's craftmanship. I also like that the make of a bag has a rich heritage and tradition.
And no, this bag was not bought from the bag reseller.

Image: Bagdonna

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