Thursday, November 19, 2009

Louis Vuitton Judy PM

I have always liked the Louis Vuitton Judy PM bag but don't see myself getting one any sooner. It's a small bag and thus an evening bag. I hardly attend evening functions and it will probably just sit in my bag closet if I get it now. I have other more practical bags in my wish list that I'd rather get first. Having said that, the Louis Vuitton Judy PM bag is babelicious- I am refering to the white one. It is a cute bag with the the pleated monogram multicolore canvas lending a youthful touch. I like the generous use of cowhide leather and how it contrasts nicely with the canvas. The hardware used should be commended too. I like the the pretty chain with the shoulder rest for carrying comfort; the oh-so elegant brass handle with four little studs on its corners with 'LOUIS VUITTON' and 'PARIS' discreetly embossed on it; bottom studs to protect the bag.
A small-sized bag packed with great detailing.
Also available in M($2880) and L($3300).
At all Louis Vuitton boutiques $2120.

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