Friday, November 20, 2009

Hermes- Fringed JPG Shoulder Kelly Bag

I've not started on a post proper on Hermes bag, Birkin especially, as I wanted to do more research to share more information with my readers. But I was so inspired to write about things Hermes after watching Lady First on Wednesday night - a female shopping & lifestyle program in Taiwan aired on Starhub cable channel 54, hosted by TV mogul Pauline Lan Hsin-Mei(LHM). If, like me, you've been following the program, you'd know by now that she is a big spender at Hermes and have the title VVIP bestowed upon her. Thus the priviledge of seeing the rarest just by being her viewer. That's why I always stay glued to the TV whenever the program features designer handbags. Most of the time, she likes to share with her guests and viewers on her latest acquisitions. Her bags always draw a lot of oohs and aahs from them and I am no exception. I have never been a fan of Kelly bag until I saw LHM's Fringed JPG Shoulder Kelly bag. It is a lot more youthful than the standard Kelly. According to her, it is priced about the same as a basic Birkin. But even if you have the money, you may not be able to get your hands on one as it's reserved for Hermes' VIP customers only.

For her birthday, Hermes got her this (I am holding my breath as I write this) crocodile wallet with perfectly cut diamonds set on the logo which costs a whopping S$30 000+ with her name 'Pauline Lan' stamped on the inside. Actually, I don't really understand when she said Hermes 'gave me this wallet for my birthday'. Is it 'gave me' as in she didn't pay for a single cent or 'gave me' the priviledge to buy a wallet customized to her specifications? If it is the former, then do a mental sum the amount of money she has dropped at Hermes to date.

For last year's X'mas, she treated herself to this holy grail which costs 10x the amount of the aforementioned wallet! Again, unattainable even if you have the cash, unless you're Hermes' VVIP.
Okay okay. Seems like this post is dedicated more to Lan Hsin-Mei than to Hermes bags. I hope she stumbles upon my blog one day and read this post. Not exactly my idol but must say I admire her a lot. Despite her fame and fortune, she comes across as someone very easy-going and humorous. If I ever meet her in person, I will definitely not feel intimidated by her. But by her Diamond studded Fuschia Crocodile Birkin!

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