Monday, November 9, 2009

Mulberry Mitzy Hobo

When I first saw the Mulberry Mitzy Hobo, I smiled to myself as Mulberry has done it again. A slouchy shape accented by a short chunky handle with buckle detailing, giving the bag an overall well-balanced feel. Indeed, it is a good- looking bag.
But when I visited their boutique in Takashimaya yesterday, I was a bit disappointed. When I held the bag, it lacks the weight expected of a leather bag. Even the apparent chunky handle does not feel sturdy. Perhaps the handle could have used a thicker leather. Then it would be a different story altogether. I was again disappointed when I saw the cotton used to line the bag. Honestly, I think it cheapens the bag. But at only $1299 for a bag with a luxury nametag made of 100% leather crafted in England that looks gorgeous as well, one can't complain too much.

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